Measure and record sound levels in video and audio modes

SmarterNoise - the smarter sound meter

SmarterNoise is a premium sound level meter app featuring several unique functions. SmarterNoise measures sound levels in video and audio format, records video and sound, and informs you about the risks of noise exposure. In addition, SmarterNoise includes a camera, gps-location, and easy sharing, all for free. From the archive you can go back to the video and audio files you saved on your phone. With SmarterNoise you take sound level and noise measuring to a new level never available before.

SmarterNoise features smart icons that react to the measured sound levels based on current research results focusing on the health and well being effects of noise pollution. With the SmarterNoise icons you easily understand how hearing, cognitive performance, and health may be effected during different levels of noise exposure. The awareness of harmful noise is increasing globally, and is considered a versatile risk factor for wellbeing and health, especially in noise polluted urban environments.

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Audio mode


Sound level measurement in video mode

Sound level measurement in audio mode

Camera snapshot

Video and audio recording

HD and VGA video resolution

Three video quality settings

Restart measurement

Archive for saved files

Sharing of saved files


Smart icons

Location, address

Time and date

10 and 60 second sound level average (LAeq)

Max and min decibel level

Background audio measurement and recording


Video mode screenshot
Video mode screenshot
Video mode screenshot
Video mode screenshot
Video mode screenshot
Video mode screenshot
Video mode screenshot
Video mode screenshot


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Risks of noise

SmarterNoise fullscreen

According to the findings of the World Health Organisation (WHO), noise is the second largest environmental cause of health problems, after the impact of air quality. While environmental awareness in general has increased, the burden from noise has not yet been realised by the general public. People especially in urban environments are subjected to noise during day and night, at home and at work. Noise pollution has increased over the years due to extensive traffic, increased air travel, urbanisation, and industrial noise exposure. Because of the complex and frequent issue of everyday noise, we developed SmarterNoise in order for people to understand noise better.